My Story

   Welcome! So glad you stopped by my place in the wonderful world of Scentsy. I have sold products before, but none like Scentsy. I fell in love with Scentsy the first time I was introduced to their line of products  back in 2009 and I am sure you will too. Feel free to contact me with any questions! I would love to assist you in any way that I can.   Why Should You Choose Scentsy? Scentsy products are safer, stronger, longer lasting, and cheaper than regular jar candles!  Along with having no flames to worry about, Scentsy wickless candles offer other safety benefits as well. When you burn a regular wicked candle, while the flame releases the fragrance into the air, it also releases a whole slew of yucky stuff, too! As the wick burns, soot and smoke particles are released into the air, polluting your home. Not only that, but because the flame is so hot, it starts evaporating the wax in the candle, which you later breathe in! Also, some candles have metal wicks; when these are burned, there is a high potential of contracting lead poisoning because of the material from which the wick is made!  Because there is no smoke involved in a Scentsy warmer, there is no smoky smell to mask any of the fragrance, therefore making the fragrance the main attraction. Jar candles only release scent into the surrounding area, but one Scentsy warmer can effortlessly fill your entire house with an appealing aroma!  One Scentsy bar has a scent pay-off of 60-80 hours of great scent – the equivalent of one 14.5oz jar candle!  Best of all, Scentsy bars come separated into 8 portions, or cubes, so that you can combine scents together and create a scent that's all your own!  Each cube has a scent payoff of 10-15 hours when warmed.       How Can You Get A Free Warmer? Host a party and get a percentage of those sales in FREE products! Qualifying party orders are also eligible for an amount of products at half price and free shipping, as well! Click on the HOST tab for more information! How Can You Become a Consultant?   I'd love to have you as part of my Nicely Scented - Scentsy team! The cost to sign up is only $99 + tax and shipping! In your starter kit you will receive everything you need to give a successful Scentsy party presentation – a total value of more than $210! Click on the JOIN tab for more information!   <!--endbody-->